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Olesya Sinchuk is a contemporaty Ukrainian composer, musician, poet and painter. She writes and sings in Ukrainian, Russian and Polish, working in several musical styles: ethnic, folk, acoustic rock, popular music, and romantic pieces for piano.

Olesya has performed in over 300 cities, including Kiev, Poltava, Kharkov, Sevastopol, Lviv, Khmelnytsky, Theodosia, Odessa, Moscow, Minsk, Riga, Vilnius, St. Petersburg, Tallinn, Chisinau, in solo concerts and as a part of the international cultural festival "C a r a v a n   o f   b a r d s". She took an active part in the international music project "O n e  T r e e", held in the Czech Republic, Poland and Ukraine.

Many talents of Olesya made her well known in Ukraine and Eastern Europe. This year the Ukrainian Canadian Congress (Edmonton Branch) has invited Olesya to come to Canada for the celebration of the Ukraine’s 26th year of Independence and Canada’s 150th anniversary.

This page is set to provide exposure and support for the visit of Olesya Sinchuk in Canada. We would like as many Canadians as possible to have a chance to meet Olesya and hear her music and poetry. Your donations will be used to enable and support the Olesya's tour in Canada. We hope you all will have a chance to meet Olesya and see her enlighting performance, while learning more about the beautiful Ukrainian culture and heritage.

A hand-crafted card designed and signed by Olesya will be sent toall donors who wish to leave their name and address, as a sign of author's personal appreciation and as a souvernir of Olesya's trip, which is made possible through your generous donations.

Thank you!

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Artist's Call

We're Ukrainians - Eternity's adornment.
Since the Trypillya's river we've grown up!
Time independent, we're sunny and effugent,
We're everlasting like the water 'n ages are!

Dear friends!
Greetings from the heart of Ukraine, from the glorious city of Kiev,
from the banks of the ancient Dneeper river.

My name is Olesya Sinchuk. I am a composer, singer, poet, pianist.
I adore my country and my work. I would often perform in different cities, different countries, and everywhere where I perform I would give a piece of Ukraine to all people who come to listen to my music. Now, I was honoured to be invited to perform in Canada.
Canada has been alsways a mysterious and desirable country for me, because there is the largest disposer of Ukrainians in the whole world, who have preserved Ukrainian customs, traditions, Ukrainian songs, Ukrainian soul for many years.

Very often I would perform in different countries, in different cities, giving a piece of Ukraine to all people who come to see my performance. Now I have the honor to perform in Canada.
I was invited to the festival in Canada, dedicated to the Independence Day of Ukraine. Unfortunately however I cannot afford getting to the festival places at my own expense. Therefore, I'm asking for your support - please help me collect money to be able to fly there, to make my dream come true. I'm looking forward to perform in Canadian cities and to give a piece of Ukraine to all my guests there.

With Love,
Yours Olesya Sinchuk.

Tour Schedule

All performances are free for public. The exact time and location will be posted later.
Looking forward to seeing you there!

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Olesya's creative heritage - 5 music albums, graphic works, two books of poetry.

Song "Lada"
Spring wind
Sanctuary of the universe
Carpathian streams
Mountains - sea

Learn more at channel youtube

To learn more about Olesya Sinchuk, please visit her website: http://olesiasinchuk.com.ua/